Tipping is up for debate!



We do have the best Coffee… so grab a cup and sit back.

As a restaurant owner you run into the strangest things and sometimes walk away shaking your head in either surprise or disbelief. Which the latter is what I had experienced this evening.

My staff are all very wonderful and all very good at their job and I am very proud of them all.

This happened be a very slow evening and when two gentlemen arrived my server had been busy stocking the shelves and I seated them. They asked me if it was ok if they only wanted to order coffee, and for me, it was ok, I had no problem with this…. but they were not happy where I seated them so therefore two of them walked around the restaurant looking for the table that suited them best. They informed me that there would be another person that will join their table soon. In the meantime my server took menu’s to their table.

Two of the gentlemen decided to order dinner and one just a tea. They stayed at the table for quite some time, which was fine because we were not busy. When they decided to leave my server took them the bill. One decided to pay with a card, the other two decided to pay in cash. At this time my server asked if they would like to have their change returned to the table. There is nothing wrong with asking such a question, but I am unsure of why he received such a response. One gentleman said no, keep the change and the other said… Don’t worry, I won’t over-tip you, F**@ You! This was from the gentleman that had only the tea. This is one of those moments that I just shake my head in disbelief.

This coming from gentleman in business and know better…. Why? Why I ask…. because I am sure that he should know more to respect others, no matter if they are not well to do.

I am no newbie, but I do understand that tipping servers is really how they make money because in general, all servers get paid minimum wadge and tipping helps them out. But you always hear that “The customer is always right” I am not fully convinced … “The customer is not always right”

The moral to the story this evening is…. even if the customer does not tip…. please respect the servers. We are all adults and all human sharing this planet we call earth… we are all the same, maybe I should rephrase that…. ha ha.

What are your thoughts?

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